Žiogų st. 10, PALANGA

Have you ever dreamed of living surrounded by pine trees near the sea, but at the same time having all the benefits of the city? This newly designed apartment block of exclusive architecture in Žiogų str. guarantees a completely different quality of life than most of us are used to. Located in Palanga, close to all major amenities such as shops, kindergartens, schools, etc., the area provides impeccable tranquility, calming pine forest, and a seaside within 10-15 minutes walking distance (about 1 km). Distances to other important objects: about 2 km to Basanavičius street, 5 km to Palanga airport and 25 km to Klaipeda city center. Whether you are looking for a vacation apartment during the summer or for living all year round, this is the ideal choice for those who value quality and exclusivity.

Pajūrio namai

Newly designed private houses block “Pajūrio namai” is surrounded by wonderful nature – at the seaside regional park. A strategically attractive location – you will be surrounded by nature, tranquility and great views, just a couple of kilometers from Karkle village, which has great hiking and cycling paths to the sea. Klaipeda city center can be reached by car in just 10 minutes (13 km), the city of Palanga is 14 km away, so living in this neighbourhood you will have an exceptional opportunity to enjoy nature, but won’t get too far from the city.